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How to find PDF documents in your portal

Step 1: To find PDF documents associated with an office visit, start by clicking My Health from the main page. 

Step 2: Click on the heading Care Summaries.

Step 3: If any PDF documents were uploaded into the portal for you during your visit, select the visit date from the dropdown menu in the gray bar.

This may include documents such as skin test reports, allergy action plans, various forms or letters.

Step 4: To see your documents, you must highlight the visit date in the dropdown menu in the gray bar and then click Download

Your entire care summary with the attached document will open in a new window as a PDF file.

If a PDF document is uploaded to your portal, but not in association with an office visit,
it will be attached to a Blank Letter.

Step 5: To find the Blank Letter, from the main page, click on My Health and then  on Medical Forms.
The Blank Letter will be listed by the date that the Blank Letter was posted into the portal. 

Step 6: Click Blank Letter to open your PDF document.