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Exceptional care,
designed for real life.

Finally overcome the burden of your allergies and recurrent infections like you have always wanted. 

Our providers help adults and children find the answers they need and feel well again like they deserve.

'Top Doctor' in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024!

Dr. Karen Kaufman provides award-winning patient centered care, consistently, year after year! Being a part of such an esteemed list is an honor and one of the most prestigious designations of a medical practice in the region. She has also been named the Face of Allergy and Immunology in Washingtonian Magazine again in 2024!

Cutting Edge Care, Exceeding Expectations

Our patients deserve the absolute best medical care, and the best process in how it is implemented. With a highly organized and streamlined check in process, prompt allergy shot visits where patients are in and out quickly, and optimal communication from our team, patient satisfaction is our priority!

Board Certification Matters

Board certification is a trusted credential, and stands for our commitment to the highest standard in clinical excellence and quality in the medical care of our patients. Special training is required of board certified Allergist Immunologists including prior certification in Internal Medicine or Pediatrics and 2 years of Allergy Immunology subspecialty training.

Hi! I'm Dr. Kaufman

As an Allergist Immunologist, I fulfill a need for personalized, high value care in Northern Virginia. I truly understand the unrelenting burden of allergies and recurrent infections, medication fatigue, quality of life impairment, and the frustration experienced when symptoms remain unexplained without a clear answer. This happens way too often, and patients deserve better!

In response to the growing needs of the community, I have carefully integrated the most highly esteemed providers into my team whose values align with the mission of our practice. 

Together, we help patients get the answers they need in order to get their lives back! We take a patient-centered approach, and listen to our patients with compassion and empathy in order to find solutions. 

Specialized Skills

Our providers specialize in the care of both pediatric and adult patients, and our physicians are double board certified as Allergist Immunologists. The expertise of our team stems from extensive training and many years of experience. 


How we serve our patients

When answers are not straightforward or don’t seem to make sense, patients are left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. We listen to our patients with compassion and empathy, and help them to find solutions. In our clinic,  patients are treated like family. During our visits, the most sincere interest is in finding the best possible outcome and diminishing the burden of symptoms in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand. 

What Patients Are Saying

This is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. I have *literally* never had a doctor spend so much time with me, ask so many questions and truly listen to everything I had to say. I also found her to be exceptionally knowledgeable, easy to ask questions and caring.

Kalie B.
My allergies are the best controlled they've been in my entire life. They began at age 4 and are severe. Dr. Kaufman has a great bedside manner and created a shot regimen with other as needed medications that have allowed me to get my life back! I can finally breathe! I haven't needed my inhaler in 2 years. Highly recommend!
Greta M.
Dr. Kaufman is caring and understanding and will take the time to not only answer your questions but explain everything. She spent more time then she needed helping us understand how allergies work, what to do and next steps. She has the best bedside manner and it helps that she is a mom of 2 little boys so she gets it. Can't recommend her enough!
Amy B.