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Family Nurse Practitioner


We are looking for a part-time, Virginia licensed Family Nurse Practitioner to join our team at Kaufman Allergy Asthma and Immunology. Below is a description of who we are looking for as a candidate:

A nurse practitioner who is perfect for this opportunity:

  • is an excellent clinician, with an attitude of service to both adult and pediatric patients.
  • has a strong work ethic and is able to work in conjunction with the physicians, nursing staff, and other team members to facilitate patient care.
  • is willing to learn the new skills required to thrive within the scope of practice, privileges and credentialing.
  • is kind, respectful, empathetic, and creates memorable connections with our patients.
  • is a reliable team player, who respects and values others.
  • has great communication skills, is open-minded and flexible.
  • is willing to follow established standard operating procedures to streamline efficiency.
  • is looking for a “work home.”

Why us?

  • We have a great team who value one another and foster a conducive environment to provide excellent service.
  • Our company culture is woven into all aspects of our practice, with vital elements of kindness, respect, teamwork and collaboration.
  • We attract patients by serving with excellence, and retain patients by building relationships based on trust, honesty, and value.

What doing a great job will look like:

  • Family Nurse Practitioners will treat both adult and pediatric patients, with an average volume of 20-22 patients per day.
  • Our Nurse Practitioners will work efficiently and finish on time with charts closed.

We will help you do a great job by providing the following training opportunities:

  • Thorough training relating to the conditions managed within the scope of the specialty.
  • Availability of the physician staff to answer questions at any time.
  • How to prep charts for greatest efficiency, and mentorship to appropriately code for your work.

This opportunity is a poor fit for a nurse practitioner who:

  • is inflexible and is resistant to doing things any other way but theirs.
  • will not adhere to the positive company culture.
  • values oneself above the practice as a whole.
  • has poor communication skills.

If this seems like the dream job you are looking for and you know you’ll be a great fit, send your resume and cover letter to

If you know someone who may be a great candidate, please share this opportunity.

Meet your CEO and mentor

Dr. Karen Kaufman is the founder and CEO of Kaufman Allergy Asthma and Immunology, PLLC, a thriving practice with a mission to serve the community with a commitment to excellence in providing compassionate and comprehensive patient centered medical care. Patients receive the highest quality of care and service, exceeding expectations every day with a focus on shared decision making, patient safety and high value care. Dr. Kaufman opened the practice in the midst of the pandemic in January 2021 with a waitlist of 350 patients, and has maintained a full schedule ever since.  

Dr. Kaufman is forward-thinking, and has integrated technology into every aspect of the practice, including electronic health records and revenue cycle management, software to optimize the provision of allergen immunotherapy, and remote patient monitoring for improved data driven management of asthma. 

She is as much of a servant leader as she is a compassionate clinician. She is passionate about her team, and ensures that her staff are valued and celebrated. Dr. Kaufman has been honored repeatedly as one of the region’s Top Doctors as voted by her peers and has been recognized in the region as the Face of Allergy and Immunology.

If this seems like the dream job you are looking for and you know you’ll be a great fit, send your resume and cover letter to

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to meeting you!